Top 5 Emerging Trends In Software Testing That Will Rule 2018

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  • Posted On: November 14, 2017
  • Updated On: July 19, 2021

Everyone has witnessed a tremendous evolution of software development since last few years.  The strategies and methodologies of software testing and test management tools are in a continuous shift.

Today, business sector requires more efficient and robust security program for their developed IT systems than that of software companies. The prevailing state of software development and testing is getting more challenging with every day passing.

With the ever-increasing need for QA and bug-free products, the software testing industry is ready to come up with more intellectual trends in the coming year. It is expected that any new trends in software and application security cycle are going to highly modify the workflow of developers and testers.

In 2018, every enterprise owner or an entrepreneur will prefer products built on the lines of the latest trends and strategies in software testing. Seeing this need, Kualitee experts rummaged through the software testing market picking up on the top 5 techniques that will be in practice in the coming year. Following these latest software trends on performance, usability, functionality, compatibility, and security testing will help you stay ahead in the game.

IoT Testing

In 2018, need for IoT Testing will rise astonishingly. The ubiquitous usage of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other related products is indicating that the need for IoT Testing will come more than ever before. There is no doubt that IoT has become one of the most powerful software monitoring processes and in the future, it will make groundbreaking progress in intensifying the security and performance of every tech device released in 2018.

Rise of DevSecOps and Agile Development

The upcoming year will be all about open source tools for DevOps security and Agile Development. The combination of DevSecOps and Agile methodologies will become the ultimate source to achieve resilient security processes ever built. Also, these tools will promote more cross-sectional teamwork. Developers and testers will get most of their help from such tools that will assist them in maintaining a smooth workflow throughout.

Agile methodologies will continue to help IT teams create some solid values for software development and testing processes, while DevSecOps will serve as a watchdog over all security concerns.

In the world of rising digital banking, shopping, and instant communication, one cannot simply neglect the importance of security from the forever occurring cyber breaches. We are certain that no giant level corporation is prepared enough to tolerate any kind of cyber-attack. So, get ready to benefit from the exciting merger of QA featuring DevSecOps and Agile.

Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

Fairly speaking, every IT organization agrees with the fact that a good user experience helps in creating a successful end-product. The way companies execute tests and monitors test cases and other documentation indicates the scope of a specific product in the market. Generally, the IT experts make changes in their software testing strategies to deliver the best user-friendly experiences. 2018 will mark a great shift in these skills. QA testers will migrate from the old strategies and shift from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering.

This systematic and scalable approach will focus on the architecture, design, and implementation of latest strategies. Plus, it will also diminish the developmental cost and ensure that produced software application successfully fits the standard performance requirements.

Big Data will grow Bigger

There is no stopping the ever-growing technologies like Big Data. The tech professionals should equip themselves according to the upcoming developments in Big Data advancements to adapt their testing skills accordingly. With the expanding datasets and component information, the need for perfect analytical evaluation is becoming exponential for QA experts.

In 2018, testers will need to enhance their strategies for monitoring the advancing Big Datasets because without learning how to cope with these expected trends, a Testing Engineer will fall back in the competitive year to come.

Open Source Tools Will Take Over

Get ready because open source tools are going to take over the upcoming year, 2018. We will see topmost IT firms getting the assistance of open source tools in the execution of Agile methodologies, DevOps, Testing and QA, BigData, Cloud Technologies, and Visualizations. Currently, Samba, Linux Kernal, Ubuntu, etc. are the giant open source tools in the market. But in future, we will see a string of new open source tools to dominate the upcoming year of innovations.

So, Dear Testers, it’s about time you pull up your socks and gear up to learn newest happenings waiting to transform the world of development, QA and security testing.

Good Luck Testers!