Introducing Kualitee – Test Management Tool

Meet Kualitee, an all-in-one tool test management tool supporting both manual and automated testing; enabling you to create & track all testing assets with high precision and giving you full control over all aspects of your project. With seamless adaptability, Kualitee works with and for you to reach your goals in the most concise, effective and flexible way.

1- Settings roles and users

To get started with your project you start with creating roles, adding users performing integrations etc. The Settings tab include the following sub tabs Roles, Users, Email Notifications, Web/Mobile Platforms, Integration

1.1 Settings Integration

Kualitee has integrated itself with one of the most popular tools JIRA. See how you can enable integration for your project by following these easy steps portrayed in the video.

1.2 Settings- Web & Mobile Platforms

Select what email should be send to what role in case of specific scenarios.

1.3 Settings- Email Notifications

Select what email should be send to what role in case of specific scenarios.

1.4 Project Management, projects, team, build , module

Define your own team of testers and developers who can fix and log bugs, report status updates and view results. Kualitee give you access to add users to your projects, make your own builds and modules for your testing project.

5. Defect Management Defect Management

You can capture a bug by reporting different aspects of abnormalities in our information rich format. You can further manage your defects by approving, assigning to developers, rejecting and logging comments for future references.

6. Reports: Test Report and Bug Reports

We have put in a dedicated report module for our users so it minimizes the time and effort to archive your Test and Bug reports which can be readily be available for your team as well.

7 Dashboard

Dashboard is displayed once the user logged in to the Kualitee. The main navigation of the system lies within the left hand side menu.