Deliver High Quality Software, Faster

Kualitee provides everything to the agile teams that they require in a software testing life-cycle. A complete ALM solution, that helps you plan, design, manage and execute software tests faster through intuitive workflows. You can log, review, track and manage results in a highly collaborative environment.

Kualitee is made by practitioners and experts with decades of knowledge and experience of software testing. Built by the testers for the software and testing teams, Kualitee is a tool spun out from Kualitatem Inc., a global independent software QA and information security company operating for the last 11 years.

Kualitee helps you streamline your testing process in a team setting like no other tool.


Process Control

Enables a practitioner to control their testing process. Move from adhocism to structured testing process. It can help you move from an ad hoc approach to a structured testing process.


Team Collaboration

Offers preconfigured roles for Test Managers, Testers and Developers for smart workflow. You can also make custom roles to suit your specific situation.


Value for Money

Provides you a feature rich coverage required to conquer your software testing at affordable pricing structure. Perfect for small and large QA and Dev teams.

Control Your Application, Make Informed Decisions,
Release Your Software Bug Free


Application lifecycle management tool provides the necessary control to manage a software release lifecycle. Teams can drastically improve the Quality of an application and predict the timelines with confidence. Also release managers and product managers can establish a process, assure compliance and gain real time visibility into the health of the application.

While looking for the right ALM tool, it’s important to consider it’s ability to provide agility, continuous testing and continuous deployments.

Is Kualitee Right For You?


You know the importance to find bugs before production, and you want a smooth software release


You are tired of random defects and unstructured testing and ready to adapt to a systemic, process-driven approach to software testing

500+ teams from 76 countries
9,000 new defects daily logged
15,000 test cases executed in an hour

Why Choose Kualitee Everytime?

Are you looking for an easy to use tool that combines the strenghts of defect management and test management tools? Kualitee enables you to make test plans, execute them and log defects in one place and without having to pay extra for expensive add-ons. Let's reveal how Kualitee's features surpass legacy bug tracking and test case management tools


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  • End to End Testing
    Requirement Management
    Test Case Management
    Test Case Execution
    Defect Management
  • Manage large numbers of tests for multiple products/projects
    Individual steps per test including separate attachments and individual execution results
    Traceability between Tests and Requirements
    Traceability between Tests and Issues reported from them
    Clone Tests between projects
  • Ability to detect and prevent duplicate issues
    Linking of defects with Test Cases and requirements
    Batch editing
  • 3rd Party Integration Support
    Integration with Test Automation Tools
    API to develop integrations with in-house platforms
  • 24*7 live chat support
    Response Time < 24 Hours
    On-Demand Training
    Training material
    Support for distributed development and QA teams
  • On-Prem Solution
    On-Cloud Solution
    Flexible Licensing
    Per User Pricing

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